Итальянская, Пицца, Подходит для вегетарианцев
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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя DKK 1 000-1 700
Kastetvej 32, Ольборг
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Фотография Sticchi's
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После прогулки у Sct. Mariae Kirke зайдите поужинать в эту пиццерию. Меню Sticchi's специализируется на итальянской кухне. Здесь готовят неплохую неаполитанскую пиццу, пасту и морепродукты. Большинство посетителей указывают на то, что в этом месте предлагают хороший тирамису. С точки зрения гостей, здесь подают вкусное вино. В этом заведении можно заказать неплохой лимонад.

Клиентам не нравится персонал. По отзывам гостей, сервис здесь великолепный. Посетители говорят, что цены в этой пиццерии привлекательные. Вам понравится приятная атмосфера. Множество гостей оценили Sticchi's на 4 на Trip.

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Very good pizza
I came here right after it opened for the first time and once a week after for months. The quality of food you get here for the price you pay is amazing. As someone who has eaten pizza in several cities all around the country I can easily say this is the best.
We have come to your restaurant many, many times, and have recommended it to many of our friends. We've always loved your food and the cozy atmosphere. Perfect for families with kids. Your waiters/waitresses have never been that great, not knowing much about the ingredients on the menu, or knowing about wines but they have always been sweet and friendly. Last night, we came in for dinner- myself, my sister, and our mother....it was a special night for us and we chose Sticchi's to celebrate. We ordered a bottle of wine and a plate of bruschetta to start with. Then we each ordered an entrée. My sister and I tend to like to taste each other's plates. We asked the waitress for an extra plate. She said no, "we don't allow you to share meals". We had no idea what she was talking about, how could a restaurant "not allow" their customers to share their food. Keep in mind, we had EACH ordered an entrée, we were NOT splitting 1 entrée. Anyway, we managed with the plates we had and decided to forget about it. After we finished, we ordered a dessert. The tiramisu came with one spoon. We asked for 1 one more spoon....the waitress said "we can't bring an extra spoon, we don't allow you to share". At this point, it was getting a bit ridiculous....we are paying customers and we can do whatever we want with our food, as far as I know. Especially at the price we pay at Sticchi's. We asked to talk to the owner, Antonio....long story short, he was very arrogant and absolutely lacking of proper customer courtesy, even going to the extent of drawing a diagram to explain why a customer isn't "allowed" to share food. Apparently, the cost of giving the customer an extra spoon or an extra, small plate is WAY too expensive for him. It apparently adds a giant additional cost to the price of washing dishes. He even sat down at our table and drew a diagram of his reasoning..."if everyone wanted an extra plate, we would have way too many plates to wash and would lose money". This, after we just ordered 523 kroner worth of food and beverages. We were SO disappointed because we had absolutely loved coming here and the food is quite tasty. However, this experience was the last straw (we've heard of other episodes of Antonio's arrogance towards the customer) and we have definitely lost our taste for Sticchi's pizza. Antonio, I'm sorry, but you need a lesson in how to treat your customer with respect and courtesy, especially your regular customers. At the very least, charge us 1 kr for an extra plate rather than drawing a ridiculous diagram that makes absolutely no sense.
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