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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $11-30
4725 Bougainville Dr Ste 631, Гонолулу
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Фотография Sumo Sushi
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Этот ресторан предлагает японскую кухню. Многие гости рекомендуют заказать аппетитные суши, рыбу и домбури. Посетителям нравится великолепный сервис, но рейтинг Sumo Sushi невысокий на Yelp.

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It's hard for me to find a good vegetarian roll and they have a Maki roll that is sooooo delicious. I also always add the spicy sauce. For around $7 buck you can't beat it
Sushi was warm, it didn't sit but it was warm, flavor meh, kids behind the cart rude.... Overall you're better off going to the commissary and getting it from there.
This sushi stand is in the food court of the Pearl Harbor NEX. You don't need to be military-affiliated to eat at any of the food carts and counters here. Sumo Sushi Hawaii has quite a large menu for a food cart. Portions are small by American standards, so do not choose to eat here if you are starving. It was a little on the pricier side for the amount of food you get. In addition, I was a slightly apprehensive to eat raw fish from here, so ended up getting a shrimp tempura bento: 4 pieces of slightly soggy shrimp tempura over a bed of white rice and drizzled with ponzu sauce. It came with some edamame and a 4-piece California roll. I didn't get a stomachache from any of the food, so that was definitely one good thing. However, nothing about this place is stellar. I would recommend this basic, standard, no-frills place to eat for when you do not want to eat the typical fast food and don't have the appetite for a plate lunch, and if you're already at the NEX or Commissary to run errands. I didn't think Sumo Sushi Hawaii was anything to write Yelp about, but I'll do it anyway and help you with the conundrum that is deciding what to eat at a food court.
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4725 Bougainville Dr Ste 631, Гонолулу, Гавайи, США, 96818
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