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2310 NW Everett St, Портленд
Фотография Sunny Day Coffee
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Фотография Sunny Day Coffee
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Фотография Sunny Day Coffee
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Этот бар располагается рядом с Trevett-Nunn House. Здесь вам точно стоит взять хорошие сконы, капкейки и печенье с шоколадной крошкой. Обязательно закажите неплохой латте, чай или лимонад.

В Sunny Day Coffee можно вкусно перекусить на открытой веранде. Большинство гостей считают, что бариста здесь терпеливый. В этом месте привлекательные цены. Оценка этого заведения 4.8 в рейтинге Google.

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Great Espresso and Pastries
Love the coffee and the quality always seems solid. Cute place that's worth hanging out at and doing some people watching. They have a little front patio area that's open even now during this current situation.
Sunny Day Coffee? More like Shitty Day Coffee. I get it, Portland, tourists suck. I know, I live in Monterey, CA and I want out mainly because of them. I also get that you aren't very fond of Californian's and my husband wearing a Dodger's Puig t-shirt around town probably really irks you... that's if you even know that the Dodgers are a baseball team from Southern California, Los Angeles to be specific but this may be irrelevant because your are probably too cool for baseball or anything mainstream. I used to really like visiting Portland but my most recent visit really proved why I'm really starting to hate everything about this city, starting with my experience at this place. So, we're in Portland for a wedding. We have some friends from Portland who moved to Monterey and were getting married back in their hometown. See, we get Oregon transplants too so STFU with that tired ass song. Anyhow, we stumble across this seemingly charming establishment and order a coffee and a mint lemonade something or other over-priced beverage. Mind you, we can't see what's going on in that little dungeon so my husband kindly and politely asks if it isn't too late and too much of an inconvenience he'd actually like his coffee over ice to which Mr. Cool Guy behind the counter replies with a curt "yes, it is." We didn't think too much of it and figured it meant what it meant, it was an inconvenience so he couldn't, oh well... I guess? Rude but at least he was honest, right? We waited to see if maybe there would be some kind of follow up or maybe he would recommend we order an iced coffee in addition to our 2 other drinks but nothing. What happens next is what we consider crossing the line. After placing the cup of coffee on the counter in front of us he takes it, pours it down the drain and proceeds to make an iced coffee. We're a little baffled at this point. One, what a waste and two, we didn't mind paying for an additional drink had he just asked. I mean, what's another couple of bucks on our already over priced drink order? At this point I'm kind of at a loss of words and trying to make sense of what is going on. Is this a joke? He places our drinks on the counter and we pay, he kindly thanks me and for a second I think, okay, he's friendly enough and then proceeds to look at my husband and say "don't do that again" and turns around. I get it dude, it was a lame request and you got your vigilante justice at the expense of a paying customer. I hope you are happy because we actually are. Since this visit, we employ your response in the same lisp-y flippant manner to one another and get a good laugh out of it and THAT almost gets you two stars but not quite. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, you've got some material here.
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2310 NW Everett St, Портленд, Орегон, США
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