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Этот ресторан специализируется на мексиканской кухне. Попробуйте в Tacos Aaron вкусно приготовленную рыбу дорада, рагу по-мексикански и чили. Большинство посетителей говорят, что персонал здесь потрясающий. В этом месте хороший сервис. Цены здесь адекватные. Оценка этого заведения 4.5 на Google.

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user_elia cardenas
Finally went to try this place out, there is always a line.. My only complaint was that the tortillas were undercooked and the asada and machcaca tacos had very little flavor.
user_Bianca Candela
Love it here!!!! Food is awesome!!! Customer service is great... its like our 2nd kitchen!!!
user_Eartha W.
Stay away from Tacos Aaron!  Not only are they rude, but you will likely starve trying to get some food from them. This review covers two different days of failed dining experiences. We heard about this place on Yelp while visiting the Playas neighborhood in Tijuana, and despite the fact that we consider food trucks a bit of a risk, we decided to check it out after reading a few strong reviews. The first day we tried this place out, we got there just after 2PM. We walked up, friendly as ever, and greeting everyone politely.  No one so much as mumbled a response.  Very rude, but these are all a bunch of young guys, and we figured the boss was away and decided not to hold it against them.  Most of the shops and restaurants in this neighborhood are friendly and professional, so we guessed that we would find the same here.  We were wrong. A moment later we were nearly knocked over by a soccer ball while standing at the truck trying to figure out how to place an order.  The Tacos Aaron employees nearly hit us several times with their little street soccer game.  After a couple of minutes, I decided to get someone's attention and offered a "perdon?" Rudely, one of the Tacos Aaron employees answered that they were closed, before ignoring me again.  Again, I just assumed they were anxious to get back to their soccer game and didn't hold it against them. I asked when they closed, and the same rude guy (at least he responded - the others continued to pretend we weren't there or tried to knock us over with their soccer game), said they were open till 2PM. We were staying nearby, so we headed back over on another day around 1:20PM.  Again, we walked up with smiling faces and greeted everyone.  We got no response.  In fact, everyone rudely looked through us, and pretended we weren't there.  One young man gave a rude smirk and turned in the other direction, showing us his back.  The truck was definitely open, and the food preparations and tables with umbrellas were still out, but no one rose to take our order.   We studied the menu for a moment, but were starting to get the impression that they were actually being purposefully discourteous and dismissive.  Also, the young men working for Tacos Aaron were sitting near the food area, counting money, which isn't sanitary.  We wondered if they have clean food practices.  We were about to leave, but I decided to at least ask a few questions about the menu.  I again ventured a "perdon?"  The same rude speaker yelled "finished" and made a "cutting" gesture across his throat.   I can't really describe the high level of rudeness and negative response we got from this business. They actually went out of their way and mad an extra effort to be rude. It's a very bad example of businesses in this area, which are generally pleasant and professional.  I'm guessing these young men hate Americans, are racists, hate tourists, are chronically rude, or some very unsightly combination of all of these. Don't waste your money here - there are delicious places to eat all over Playas and throughout Tijuana.   It's a win-win: You can avoid horrible service, and they can get to their soccer games and money counting.
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Мексиканская, Фастфуд, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Закрыто сегодняОткроется завтра в 08:00
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C. Pedregal, Playas
Тихуана, Баия Калифорния, Мексика
C. Pedregal, Playas, Тихуана, Баия Калифорния, Мексика
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