Talisman Tap Room

/ Паб и бар, Ресторан, Стейкхаус
Может быть закрыт
$$$$ Средняя цена: $10-25
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Фотография Talisman Tap Room
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Фотография Talisman Tap Room
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Фотография Talisman Tap Room
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Этот бар находится неподалеку от Erie Canal Museum.

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NOTHING LIKE the old JRyan's that existed here. Maybe an updated "digital menu" on tv screens, but that's it. Somehow, even though its the same space, things are less cozy, the beers don't seem as fresh, and why there camera's (?) - your guess is as good as mine. They are understaffed, and the bartender was doing double duty between tending bar and serving seated customers. The kicker with all of it is that every 20 mins or so my friends and I got a deep stench of cigarette smoke. Like someone was smoking three feet away from us... Nope, just the bar tender GOING IN THE KITCHEN (mmmm, that makes for good food) to take some puffs off a cigarette... Needless to say, I won't go back, which is a shame considering the kind of venue it once was.
Good beer selection
McGreggors, I mean JRyans, I mean Talisman was great.   ;-) Beer selection is tremendous, prices are very fair, the cubano sandwich was great.  Michelle is a great bartender and this place is lucky to have her.  I wish it was a bit busier, but that'll come with time. There's certainly been some drama with the way JRyan's closed, but to the average customer, that's nothing to get worked up over.  Free games are always more fun too!  I will go back, for sure!
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