The Cozy Corner

/ Десерты, Кафе, Вегетарианский ресторан, Кофейня
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Фотография The Cozy Corner
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Фотография The Cozy Corner
+ 54 фотографии Фотография The Cozy Corner
+ 53 фотографии Фотография The Cozy Corner
Фотография The Cozy Corner
+ 51 фотография Фотография The Cozy Corner
Shop 15, Suncourt Plaza, 19 Tamamutu St
Таупо, Ваикато, Новая Зеландия
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Это кафе находится неподалеку от White Water World Taupo. Если вы хотите попробовать международную кухню, то стоит зарезервировать столик в The Cozy Corner. Закажите здесь аппетитный бекон и вкусно приготовленную курицу. В этом месте непременно попробуйте неплохие французские тосты. Здесь можно попробовать замечательный кофе, смузи или сок.

В этом заведении есть терраса, где вы можете чудесно провести время на свежем воздухе. Гости утверждают, что персонал в этом кафе внимательный. По словам клиентов, сервис восхитительный. Многим гостям нравится отличная атмосфера. Посетители оценили The Cozy Corner на 4.5 на TripAdvisor.

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A brilliant place that gives you discount for byo smoothie cups. The antioxidant smoothie is da bomb
When ever you are in Taupo make it your mission to visit The Cozy Corner Shop The 35 minutes myself and my Italian Whanau experienced at 730am Friday morning was start of any day you wish for.The owner (Camilla) was setting up the outdoor furniture and getting ready for another stunning day She was genuinely welcoming and was patient with our early morning indecisiveness The menu was a great size with options for all eaters (gluten free/vege/dairy free/vegan/meatatarians too). We eventuality ordered a mix from the cabinet and kitchen ... All were delivered promptly & were delicious. My coffee was just what the doctor ordered. The community togetherness and generosity was the "surprise and delight" that blew me away....a local lady sitting by herself encouraged me to sample some chlorophyll infused water from the counter. She was charming and also very genuine in the few words we exchanged. Before leaving, she made the effort to walk across the small cafe floor to wish our table a GREAT day! We reciprocated to her friendly gesture and then she left.Camilla came over shortly after her departure to inform us that the regular customer had paid for our drinks and that is not the first time her generosity has been seen.NOW , PLEASE .... DO NOT MISTAKE that this review is written because we got FREEBIES. IT'S NOT! People being people, and not being afraid to say hi, BUT WANTING to say hello is the ultimate definition of hospitality..... And she didn't even work at The Cozy Corner Shop. The experience from walking in to leaving The Cozy Corner Shop will be one I will remember for all the right reasons I love this industry called Hospitality! Thank you Camilla for the best Friday I have had this year!
Great food and drinks and friendly staff. We have medical dietary restrictions and they make a lot of things we can eat. Lots of delicious options for everyone. No comprises necessary! Not exclusively vegan like The Little Bird bakery and cafe in Auckland (which gets a lot of hype), but I think even better in execution. More balanced flavors and textures. Not overly sweet but bursting with all the right flavors. Fun place to hang out but also can order to go. A great find! Worthy of its own recipe book!
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Shop 15, Suncourt Plaza, 19 Tamamutu St, Таупо, Ваикато, Новая Зеландия
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