The Empanada Company

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В этом кафе стоит заказать аппетитную свинину в специях, пироги и эмпанадас. Зайдите в The Empanada Company, чтобы попробовать хорошие пончики и вкусные калачи с фруктами. Здесь стоит попробовать неплохие свежевыжатые соки или хороший кофе.

Посетители утверждают, что персонал в этом месте приятный. По отзывам клиентов, сервис здесь отличный. В этом заведении доступные цены. Посетители оценивают это кафе на 4.6 на Google.

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There hasn't been a time where I go to Empanada and I don't come out with a FULL smile and full belly! Firstly, the staff is very friendly, polite and accommodating to the customer needs. I asked once if I could see how they bake them snd they let me peak through a side window and the bakers said hi and everything! So humble and just happy to be there, you could tell. Although I understand the space itself is not big enough to bring a crowd because is mostly a "to go" place, the times I have actually eaten there it was pleasing; they dont have waitress staff and still brought my extra empanada and salsa to my table. Overall GREAT customer service. Now.... THE FOOD! Omg, the pastry fluffy and flaky empanada with spicy chicken is what I will get FOR SURE on top of the other ones I order, is just incredible. The breakfast ones they offer are also delicious and the filling portions are very generous in all their options. The salsas that come with it are sooo delicious, garlicky, perfectly seasoned... a 10 in all I have tried; savory and sweet, although im not much of a sweet person. You really have to try this!
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Best empanadas in the Houston area. You must try the Poblana and the Marcello. Great service! It reminds me of the ones in Buenos Aires. Definitely, a must if you are in Houston.
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Can I say , WOW best empanadas I've had no joke try the pumpkin it's in season , sorry I ate it before I could pic it that is what's left and I'm going to eat it too THANKS LADIES @ The empanada company HAPPY HOLIDAYS also it's a lovely warm welcoming environment inside come in check your emails bring a date or a friend so laid back !! Y'all go check them out for real!!
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Латиноамериканская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Закрыто сегодняОткроется завтра в 06:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя до $10
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