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Этот ресторан располагается рядом с Yountville Park. В The French Laundry посетителям подают блюда французской кухни. В меню обратите внимание на изумительных устриц, икру и фуа-гра. Многие гости рекомендуют попробовать неплохое песочное печенье, шоколадные трюфели и карамельное мороженое. Обязательно закажите тут хорошее шардоне, шампанское или пиво. С точки зрения гостей, здесь предлагают неплохой охлажденный эспрессо, чай или капучино.

В этом месте вы можете весело провести любой праздник, будь то годовщина, свадьба или день рождения. Посетители утверждают, что персонал в этом заведении приветливый. Восхитительный сервис - большой плюс этого ресторана. Многие считают, что цены здесь привлекательные. Вы обязательно оцените спокойную атмосферу и великолепный интерьер. Экспертное агентство Frommer's присвоило The French Laundry 3 звезды, что говорит об исключительном уровне сервиса и качестве блюд.

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Place is a bit overrated. The Inn at Little Washington is better by a significant margin. In fact I can think of several places with high Michelin ratings that are better. Some of the course were spectacular. Emphasize "some" as some food was highly ordinary. The final course tonight was veal, it came out at barely room temperature and lacked any seasoning to delight. This is a great restaurant but not as spectacular as it's reputation.
I appreciate beautiful, delicious food but I don't consider myself to be a food snob. I love spam, Doritos, KFC and a good ole' Big Mac. I like Gluten and MSG.  While it annoys me that certain food snobs may overly analyze their heavenly experiences at TFL I have to admit they are right about the hype.  Celebrate something, get dressed up and go!  We celebrated a special milestone for my son and we appreciated all the special touches that they did to make it a special day for him:  Printed and signed menu with his name and logo of his college.  Waiters and staff personally congratulating him by name on his achievement.  It was so appreciated.  I have been to Per Se but I really loved this place more.  The grounds are building is beautiful, classically rustic, cozy and upscale but not fussy.  Signature courses were all around top notch:  Oysters and Pearls (IMO one of the best courses), Garden Beet Salad, Slow Cooked Fillet of Hiramsa, Sweet Butter Poached Nova Scotia Lobster, Bread and Butter (who knew butter could be this good), White Quail, Lamb with Spiced Tomato, Artichokes and Chickpea, Outstanding Cheese course.  So when you think that your meal has been so grand that it could not get better out comes an assortment of Truffles and desserts that are to die for- as well as a take home bag with four flaky shortbread cookies in a personal tin box.   We even took a quick look at the kitchen... just wow. Ok here are some tips to make the experience worthwhile: 1. Do not eat a large meal for lunch before you go. Instead take a long walk to prepare for dinner. 2. It is a 3 hour meal, pace yourself and enjoy your meal.  Laugh, make a memory and enjoy conversation with your family/friends. 3. Ask questions about the preparation of the food- the staff were so knowledgable and happy to share information. 4. They let you take home the truffles if you cannot finish the ones you selected- so don't feel like you have to eat all 4 that you thought you could eat 5. Eat the shortbread cookies the next day. Save the tin because it is so cute! 6. Try the NonAlcoholic drinks- they will ask you what you like and make something for your taste. 7.  Ask to take a peak in the kitchen- you might have a chef sighting!
Service - 1 first of all, when we went it was during summer heatwave... and the AC was broken. Fine, it happens. Hey, but your attitude for paying $$$$ was horrible. We were so hot and stuffy in the main dining room so pretty much filled up with water by the time food came out. We had a talk with the GM at the time she just said, sorry, it happens. Uh... if you were a regular restaurant it's fine.. if we are paying $300 pp then it's not. Food - 2 I was too hot and irritated to eat so probably would have been a 4 if not.
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