Карибская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
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427 W Harris St, Юрика
Фотография The Jerk Kitchen
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Фотография The Jerk Kitchen
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Фотография The Jerk Kitchen
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Здесь в меню можно попробовать блюда карибской кухни. Многие гости приходят в этот ресторан, чтобы попробовать вкусно приготовленную курицу гриль, бычий хвост и рагу из бычьих хвостов. Многие посетители пользуются услугой "еда на вынос". Оценка The Jerk Kitchen 4.8 на Google.

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Jojo Dukes
The food I think according to who makes it could be a hit or miss once you are familiar with good Jamaican food. I hate that they always say they are out of plantains, which is a must to serve with Jamaican foods. I observed she tells certain customers she is out of plantains then certain customer she includes it, even though she might have just told the prior customers that she was out. She also needs to stop being so stingy with the rice, the food is expensive as it is, then for her to be stingy with the portion.
Jeff Hans
This is one of the best restaurants on the entire north coast. Everything about this place is top notch. The mac and cheese is easily the best in a 5 hour radius and quite possibly further. The jamaican sodas are surprisingly excellent as well.
Wade Wylie
You don't come to Eureka expecting to find the best Jerk Chicken ever, but they have it at the Jerk Kitchen. Eating their food made me feel like what it must be for a Jamaican transplant to return home and have his momma cook him her best dish. The rice and beans were savory and spicy, and the veggie side was so tasty and unexpected. I'll definitely be coming back, even if it is a 6 hour drive =)
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427 W Harris St, Юрика, Калифорния, США
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