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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя до MXN 170
Calle Sol Ote., Tulum Centro, Тулум
Фотография Antojitos Oaxaquenos
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Фотография Antojitos Oaxaquenos
+ 1 фотография Фотография Antojitos Oaxaquenos
Фотография Antojitos Oaxaquenos
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После прогулки около Tulum Underwater зайдите перекусить в этот ресторан. В Antojitos Oaxaquenos рекомендуют заказывать блюда мексиканской кухни. Посетители считают, что здесь восхитительный сервис.

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So happy to be the first one to write this review! This place is great! Some would say that Meh, just a regular taco place! But that s so wrong. First of all, it is located somewhere out of the touristy sight, it s used mainly by the locals. Second, the service is great. Ernesto, the guy who owns the spot, has such a bright smile on his face that you cannot help but smile back. He treats u like one of his kind. He kindly explained the small dishes that we asked about like sopes, huaraches. Definetely a great mexican happily serving mexican food to locals and visitors. We had different tacos, a torta, sope and some guayaba juice (dont miss out on this one) and mexican Fanta:)) they have a variety of oaxaquenos dishes though and the tortillas are homemade there. Also the taco is just 10pesos, small tortas 25pesos! How can u beat that? Do yourself a favor while in Tulum. Avoid the touristy area for a bit and experience some local color and food by going to Antojitos Oaxaquenos and smile back at Ernesto!
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Amazing local restaurant. Get the handmade huaraches and add whatever you like from the board on the wall of the days specialties.  You can load it on like a taco (had tinga de res/ beef with mushrooms and cactus.) a little spanish helps or just point. Very friendly owners but its a locals place so be respectful and you will get good service.
Where the locals eat. Really nice food. Very basic lay out, you can taste the traditional Mexican flavors. I highly recommend it. Side note: The menu is written in the wall. Just pick what you want from there. Really good place!!
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Calle Sol Ote., Tulum Centro, Тулум, Кинтана-Роо, Мексика
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