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607 S Broadway suite a, Боулдер
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Фотография Tsing Tao
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В этом ресторане клиентам подают блюда китайской и вегетарианской кухонь, все это представлено в меню ресторана. Вы найдете здесь аппетитный остро-кислый суп, тофу и даньхуатан. Вам понравится вкусный американо.

Гости утверждают, что персонал в Tsing Tao компетентный. Великолепный сервис - большой плюс этого места. Посетители говорят, что цены в этом заведении хорошие, но на данный момент у этого ресторана невысокий рейтинг на Zomato.

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I hate to write a disparaging review and hurt someone's business, but this is the most disappointing restaurant experience I have ever had. I ordered the drunken noodles, which came out watery, undercooked, and bland. It's like the cook didn't stir fry anything at all, but just dumped some lightly boiled rice noodles in weak potsticker sauce and called it a day. My partner ordered a different noodle stir fry and was similarly disappointed, and started adding large amounts of soy sauce to her meal so that she could at least taste something. Even the soup that came ahead of the entree was unappetizing. The egg drop soup was boring and slimy, and the hot and sour soup was luke warm and weird tasting. At the end the check was also wrong - they overcharged us, applying dinner prices for lunch entrees. Easily the worst $30 I've ever spent on food. We left our meals mostly untouched and went to buy a second lunch somewhere else.
My favorite dish is the Thai Curry Noodles. I get it with only shrimp and asparagus. They rate it as hot and spicy. I don't tolerate spicy very well, however I love this dish. It is on the verge of being too hot for me, though the flavor is so delicious that I just keep eating it. Try it!
I think this is one of the better Chinese restaurants I have been to in Boulder. I usually make my determinations based on the restaurant's hot and sour soup, and this place has the best in town, which unfortunately doesn't take much in Boulder. Tsing Tao's could benefit from being a lot spicier in my opinion, but to remedy that, I just ask for their hot chili oil and mix that in.
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607 S Broadway suite a, Боулдер, Колорадо, США
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