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Kindstugatan 1, Стокгольм
Фотография Under Kastanjen
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Фотография Under Kastanjen
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Фотография Under Kastanjen
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Этот ресторан находится недалеко от местной достопримечательности - Jarnpojken. В Under Kastanjen обязательно стоит заказать блюда шведской кухни. В этом месте можно попробовать изумительные фрикадельки, копченого лосося и салат с лососем. Вам понравятся хорошие блины, булочки с корицей и лимонный пирог. В этом заведении обязательно закажите неплохое пиво, вино или ликёр. С точки зрения гостей, здесь предлагают хороший латте, чай или капучино.

В этом ресторане можно вкусно поужинать на открытой веранде. Большинство посетителей пишут, что персонал в Under Kastanjen услужливый. Многие клиенты говорят, что сервис здесь великолепный. В этом месте низкие цены. Вы обязательно оцените впечатляющую атмосферу и современный интерьер. Это заведение имеет рейтинг 4.1 на Google.

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Searching for food in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm I decided to head for Under Kastanjen after reading some good Yelp reviews and hearing about their gluten-free offerings - their whole menu can be made gluten-free if you ask and they also make their own gluten-free bread, fresh at their gluten-free bakery which can come with your meal for no additional charge if you ask for it. This place is rather hard to find - up many cobbled hills and side streets in the Old Town - a fairly historic part of town which I sadly don't see the hype about. This place is step-free with wheelchair access through a ramp and a lift to the toilets. Be warned if you are visiting on weekends or the evenings - service can be a little slow (I had to wait a while with no reception from the staff for a few minutes) to even find out I may not get a table, after a few more minutes they managed to find out they had a spare - I presume this was down to a large number of reservations as the place had many empty tables. - To be fair once I was sat down the staff were great, attentive and helpful in explaining about gluten-free, offering me bread and making sure I always had tap water! - Service also sped up as soon as I got inside the restauraunt, as I managed to get my food rather quickly. I ordered the meatball dish having wanted to try some real, authentic Swedish meatballs during my time in Sweden - I wanted to find a place to get them safe and gluten-free so I was delighted to find it at last here. I wouldn't say the menu selection was too broad or exciting other than this dish, however (on the mains at least) - I'm not sure if the gluten and non-gluten version differed however as it did state "all dishes can be made gluten-free" rather than are, so make sure to specify if you're a celiac/coeliac when ordering! When my food came - I was a little disappointed with the portion size as there were only five meatballs along with the rest of the dish, however, I found the meatballs to be quite large they were filling which made me even struggle to finish. The meatballs were seasoned well, some parts were slightly undercooked but it was nothing that meant the food wasn't edible - I found the rich, juicy gravy sauce to add great flavour and it made the whole dish go great, I even had some with my mashed potatoes, which were already flavourful and creamy but that gravy just added a little bit more. I did find the lingonberries with the dish to be unusual however it is rather common in Swedish cuisine and much to my surprise - I did enjoy them. My meal came to 195 krona - I was offered the chance to pay in krona or pounds via my debit card - however, the option to pay in pounds is virtually a scam as the exchange rate they wanted was really shitty and would have cost me quite a bit more - luckily I had my Monzo card which lets me use my debit card for free with no FX fees at Mastercard exchange rate. The prices I did find to the reasonable for Stockholm standards, but perhaps more expensive than I'd pay in the UK - again I found this to be common during my trip. The whole atmosphere of the place was semi-formal, it is open to kids (there was one crying during my visit), it is a tad small as well so it is really important to make sure you have a booking at peak times. The gluten-free bread I must add was actually quite nice - it didn't have that horrible dryness which most gluten-free breads have but the fact it has currents in made it more like a teacake or dessert so it just didn't compliment my meatball dish at all - some things like lingonberries worked as it goes well with sweet and savoury, but sadly the bread just didn't. 4* - Probably the best meal I've had during my time in Stockholm, the fact they were able to cater extensively for gluten-free is something to be proud of, it is quite awkward to find though due to its location within the Old Town and they surely should be doing more to allow people to pay in their own currency at a fair exchange rate, especially for people unlike myself who don't have a bank which gives them free FX fees.
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