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Фотография Wakuriya
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Если вы любите блюда японской кухни, загляните сюда. Многие посетители cоветуют заказать здесь неплохую мраморную говядину, фуа-гра и лосося. Этот ресторан славится хорошим мороженым и аппетитной панна-коттой. Приходите в Wakuriya и попробуйте неплохое сливовое вино. Закажите вкусный маття, но на данный момент у этого места невысокий рейтинг на Zomato.

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Inventive, fresh, and impecably styled and flavored dishes. It's a long meal (3 hrs) and there aren't too many seats. It's understated from the outside and you wouldn't know such a gem existed in the strip mall. Would highly recommend. Be aware it's one tasting menu and there's not a ton of customization for those with food restrictions (e.g. if you don't eat raw fish). Highlight of my meal was the lobster.
Had our 2-year anniversary dinner at Wakuriya yesterday. Drinks: Their welcome drink apple sake was amazing; their other fruit flavored sakes too - I hope I can buy them! My fiance had less strong feelings about their dry sakes though I thinkFood: the first course - blue shrimp and persimmon in sesame sauce, and second course - appetizer platter, were both simply amazing. The flavor combination, the texture combination of the ingredients, are all perfect. Loved it! Sashimi (wild caught yellowtail and tuna) were both very fresh. However, everything else (i.e. main courses) are less good. For example the first main course (i.e. the 3rd course) is a black cod with mushroom. Because the 4th part of the appetizer platter is a fried shrimp head with strong flavor, and because the black cod is very light, it tasted like nothing... so the ordering of dishes seems a bit of a problem. And a later main course, lobster with yuzu, the flavor combination is just weird - there is both acid and cream at the same time on the lobster, which is a bit too much. Over all I think the appetizers have both nice ideas and nice executions. The main courses seem to be result of failed innovations... The desserts are also just ok. Service: the restaurant is ran by a couple, and it's amazing how with just themselves and merely 1 other helper they are able to serve a whole room of people (~20 in total) without any issues or delays or errors. Their attitude is super nice. Very friendly, personal, and non-pretentious. The booking is a bit of a pain - you have to call exactly 1 month in advance at midnight to secure your spot, but after I left my message successfully the rest of the reservation process went smoothly.
I have known the owners for over 15 yrs since they were at Kaygetsu. Kaiseki meal is so delicious.
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