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Фотография cowboy crab
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Здесь вам предложат вкусное крабовое мясо, жареные креветки и рыбу. Многие посетители пользуются услугой "еда на вынос". Гости утверждают, что персонал в этом ресторане компетентный. По отзывам клиентов, сервис здесь восхитительный. Посетители Cowboy crab говорят, что цены тут демократичные. В этом месте приятная атмосфера. Гости присудили этому заведению оценку 4 на TripAdvisor.

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Yikes! I'm not sure if it was a off night or its always like this. Waited 45mins for cold in the middle corn , shrimp tasted like refrigerator and the "blue crab clusters " were small , mushy and one of the claws they threw in was spoiled. I'm praying I don't get food poisoning:(
I am disappointed with this place and calling health department for inspection. They have serviced me for last time. I sat in and ate food that was good not the best I have had. Crab cake was late, overdone and crabs are very small. Then I purchased large live crabs, next size is jumbo, received one small crab as my dozen, did complain either time. Then went back for two cooked take outs: then 2 clusters of my garlic snow crab legs were mushy and had dark look and covered garlic smell immediately found after I got home. They put the food in a aluminum sealed top container so you can not smell or see that the food is spoiled. Just by tasting and spitting out the spoiled crab leg, I had a upset stomach. The second dish had a spoiled crab cluster as well, I recognized the smell and did not eat it but the money I paid for this plate, the meal should be fresh and not to mention fresh for public safety. INSPECT YOUR COOKED PRODUCTS BEFORE LEAVING. I notice the cook comes out to see who is buying the product each time I was there and probably decides who he can offset his losses with by giving them spoiled products. IF YOU READING THIS COWBOY CRAB NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER-MEANING DON'T THINK ALL PEOPLE ARE GULLIBLE BY HOW THEY LOOK AND WON'T REPORT YOU. I HAVE WORKED FOR THE STATE AS AN INSPECTOR OF RESTAURANTS WHO MADE PEOPLE SICK. Plus you are losing a well paying customer and tipper. Also monitor your staff who appear to be high in the front handling your cash. If this is how you run your business, I am afraid of how you keep your business clean- may be rats and roaches in there plus are you cleaning your cooking materials effectively?Time will tell and hope you wise up before it is too late, we could have used a business like this in the community.
Good garlic crabs and shrimp. No frills place
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