Shu Tao Hot Pot

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Фотография Shu Tao Hot Pot
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Фотография Shu Tao Hot Pot
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5960 Minoru Boulevard Unit 140, V6X 3J3
Ричмонд, Британская Колумбия, Канада
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Если вы любите блюда китайской кухни, загляните сюда. Посетите этот ресторан, чтобы попробовать вкусный бульон, говядину и свинину в специях. По отзывам гостей, персонал здесь отличный. По словам клиентов, сервис восхитительный. Shu Tao Hot Pot предлагает блюда по средним ценам. Вы насладитесь великолепным интерьером этого места. Посетители оценивают это заведение на Yelp на 4.

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This is probably the best hot pot restaurant in vancouver. The staff are friendly and provide timely and excellent service, the soup bases are great and the beef also comes in a variety of different grades! I've tried their butter spicy soup and mushroom soup. Definitely recommend those. The butter spicy soup is a little bit too spicy for me but it's kinda addictive once you get used to it; the mushroom soup is a milder one and it's also addictive!! The spicy and mushroom soups are so much better than their counterparts in other hotpot places. I've tried their AAA angus beef and ribeye as well. I would say the AAA angus, although a bit more expensive,  is a lot better than the ribeye in terms of texture and tenderness. The veggies, tofu and mushrooms, however, are basically the same as the ones served in other restaurants. Definitely would come back again!!
Very expensive, very disappointing, extremely racist! I am sensitive to the taste/smell of lamb, and I did NOT expect the "buttery spicy soup base" to be mutton-flavored with an overwhelming, gamey taste! I cannot stand the smell/taste of lamb and what's worse is that the female waitress (this older lady) refused to switch out the soup base when I told them I cannot eat lamb! I was also mistreated because I don't speak Cantonese! There might as well be a big sign outside the restaurant that says "Cantonese-speaking ONLY". The service was SO wrong on many levels... They made fun of my weight when they saw me finish all my soup! (After an arduous fight getting my soup-base switched out I was gonna finish it to the last drop!). All soup refills were ignored, no extra peanuts came after mutiple requests, ice water had no ice and they remove plates in front of you while you're clearly still working on it! And worse of all, we felt unsatiated even after finishing everything on the table. When the bill came to $80, between me and my friend, we felt scammed...  (All we had was x2 HK spicy soup base, premium beef and lamb, enoki mushrooms, lotus root, and pumpkin.... literally double the price for less than half the amount of food from where I'm from! They even charge $6/ea for sauce! Geezus!!) I was also pressured to leave a "voluntary" tip after I made comments about how unhappy I was with the service... Unbelievable! Wow!! Overall this place was the most expensive, most ridiculously rude and unwelcoming hot pot place I have ever had the pleasure of setting foot in. If you can't speak Cantonese, you might as well be a black guy wandering into a white-only restaurant in the 1920's. Shu Tao... More like "Bu Hao Hot Pot". Caveat emptor... You have been warned!!!
We had a great experience at hot pot tonight in Vancouver with our dear friends Andrew and Amy. the food was amazing love,  the fresh spices and noodles shrimp balls and many different flavors of soup. if you're in Vancouver want to check out this place as you're going to get more than you can eat anytime for a reasonably good price. Another great feature as you can get shared parts are individual parts making the meal more diverse enjoy bon appétit Ronn  from the hole in the wall from the guy
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5960 Minoru Boulevard Unit 140, Ричмонд, Британская Колумбия, Канада, V6X 3J3
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