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Открыт сейчас 11:30 - 22:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $11-30
1515 N Main St, Уолнат-Крик
Фотография 1515 Restaurant & Lounge
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Фотография 1515 Restaurant & Lounge
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Фотография 1515 Restaurant & Lounge
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great cocktails , and patio seating
I've been to 1515 twice.  Once two years ago for a holiday luncheon with my company and we went again last night with about 40 people for dinner.  Both experiences were great but I'll review our holiday party last night. We we're upstairs in the private room with no one around us.  Full bar upstairs and restrooms were very convenient on the same floor.  I was helping to coordinate the on-site event so Tiffany reviewed the menu and the timing and gave great suggestions on the final touches of the timing of the event.  She was great to work with.  The female bartender provided great personalized service as well (I never got her name).   The food was terrific.  Everyone enjoyed it and they could easily make substitutions for special diets like mine. I heard the calamari was great.  Cheese board was fabulous. I ordered the tomato basil which was the best I've ever had and I have had a lot of it. The upstairs room is nice.  We've had some challenges finding a good room in Walnut creek that wasn't noisy or too tight for our loud and fun social group.  Cocktail tables were set up for socializing before dinner.  Dinner tables were of various sizes for dining and many people were able to move around after dinner was finished to socialize with others. The set up was not constricting and I loved that. I forgot to mention that about 2 hours before the event I called and talked to John.  I apologized for calling last minute but did they have an extra table where we could out our holiday charity gifts for Toys for Tots?  He was great - not a problem whatsoever and they could easily accommodate us because they have parties all the time. The staff is really pleasant and did a wonderful job.  We are already having discussions about having our celebration there again next year. Thank you 1515 for a lovely evening.
**** FIVE STAR My wife and I decided to go out to lunch one day while we were shopping in Walnut Creek. We decided to embark on this place that we thought was known for just their late night dinking crowd and social scene. WOW.....were we wrong, 1515 had an awesome lunch menu with to die for apps, sandwiches and entrees. The service, food and ambiance were all fantastic. While we were there the manager came by and chatted with us to make sure everything was to our liking. This is an art that is seldom done nowadays and we appreciated it very much. As a matter a fact we came back the following week for an amazing dinner that was nothing but perfect. Sea Bass and the Prime Rib were spectacular, not to mention the wine list and specialty drinks were amazing. To top it off we saw they do onsite or offsite catering and now we are planning a large company party with them and I can only imagine how great it will be. The owner and banquet coordinator both reached out to us within 24 hours and have helped plan a perfect event. We cant wait for the big event or getting ourselves with some friends back to dine at 1515 Restaurant & Lounge again.
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1515 N Main St, Уолнат-Крик, Калифорния, США
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