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347 Danforth Ave, Торонто
Фотография Auld Spot Pub
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Фотография Auld Spot Pub
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Фотография Auld Spot Pub
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Здесь вас ждет канадская кухня. Попробуйте здесь изумительных устриц, моллюсков и салаты. В этом баре можно заказать хорошее крафтовое пиво, скотч или вино.

В Auld Spot Pub уютная атмосфера. Большинство гостей говорят, что персонал здесь креативный. По словам посетителей, сервис восхитительный. Многие считают, что цены здесь привлекательные. В этом месте современный интерьер. На Zomato это заведение имеет рейтинг 4.

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My go-to local spot for great comfort food. Their rotating beer menu has something for everyone, like sours and decent IPAs. I usually start with the oysters, of which they have two types featured for the day, before moving on to a main. Their menu is one page and it stays pretty static for the most part, but it's a pretty decent list: fish & chips, mac & cheese, Veggie burger, chicken drummies, Kale salad and so on.The service staff are attentive and friendly, but the place can get really busy so take that into consideration when waiting for a refill, or placing your order.The decor is interesting, as the walls are festooned with old paintings and the ceiling has these branches wrapped in these Christmas lights, or something like that.I hope this helps.
Can't believe I hadn't been here. Food was beautiful, beer list long and impressive, and the staff struck the perfect balance between available and respectful.
We ended up at the Auld Spot Pub when our first choice (Allen's) was completely full on a Monday night thanks to a Lucinda Williams concert happening at the Danforth Music Hall next door. Auld Spot looked promising at first - it was buck a shuck oyster night and there were lots of other diners seemingly enjoying their meals. We were seated at a large communal table since the smaller tables were full. We ordered 2 glasses of white wine and a dozen oysters shortly after 6pm. Wine came quickly to the table and then a short wait for oysters since there was only one shucker - not a big deal but they weren't expertly shucked and had quite a bit of shell/debris in them. We placed our order for the chicken drummies ($19) and the kale Cesar salad ($16) around 6:20pm. I think one of the red flags should have been that they charge $19 for wings but really that's shame on me for ordering them. By 7:15pm, our food order still hadn't arrived and we watched couples at our communal table who sat down after we arrived eat their full meals of steak/salad, nachos, etc. Although the pub was busy, we were sure why two items would take so long and considering one of the items didn't require cooking time! We inquired with our server who insisted that she had punched in our order with the kitchen. A second server came by and asked us for our order again, which I'm guessing that he just re-submitted to the kitchen because 20 minutes later at 7:35pm, our wings and salad finally arrived - over an hour after our initial order! The chicken drummies were 6 chicken wing drumsticks dosed in buffalo sauce - soggy and fatty. The kale Cesar was fine - a big leafy green salad. Such a long wait for mediocre, expensive meals. I can understand that restaurants can get busy and if they forgot our order, they should have just been truthful.  Our server, although vocally apologetic, did nothing else to rectify the situation - no discount, no comp dessert or drinks, nothing. That's cold, Auld Spot. There are definitely much better options on the Danforth so there's no reason for me to return.
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347 Danforth Ave, Торонто, Онтарио, Канада
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