Bierfabriek Delft

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Европейская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
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Фотография Bierfabriek Delft
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Фотография Bierfabriek Delft
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Европейская, Подходит для вегетарианцев

Обязательно загляните в это кафе, если окажетесь неподалёку от Maria van Jessekerk. Многие гости рекомендуют попробовать изумительную курицу гриль, жареную курицу и салаты. В Bierfabriek Delft обязательно попробуйте хорошее бочковое пиво, эль или крафтовое пиво. Закажите здесь неплохой кофе.

Удобное расположение этого места позволяет легко добраться до него на любом виде транспорта. Большинство клиентов указывают на то, что персонал в этом заведении терпеливый. Посетители считают, что здесь великолепный сервис. По мнению посетителей, в этом кафе привлекательные цены. Множество гостей пишут, что здесь потрясающий интерьер и очаровательная атмосфера. Средняя оценка Bierfabriek Delft 4 на TripAdvisor.

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My favourite in Delft with very friendly staff and great atmosphere! Oh yes and the nuts
Nice big place with good atmosphere. Service was a bit slow but friendly. They now have 4 of their own beers on tap. Free WiFi. Good location not far from the main squares
Bierfabriek Delft is an enjoyable brewpub with decent food and beer. As I understand it, BierFabriek is a franchise of three locations - Amsterdam, Deflt and Almere. Deflt is charming historic city, worth a day trip to visit and explore. There are pay lots and a large garage nearby. In this area are plenty of places to eat, drink and shop, in a historic setting with old buildings and canals. BierFabriek occupies a brown three-story brick building with an arching front entrance. Outside are several round high top tables facing a tree-lined street. On the side of the building is their name in gold letters and a black and menu. Inside on the left is a long dining room with plenty of tables, ending at their open kitchen. In the center is their open brewery which has stainless steel brewing vessels which are copper topped. I didn't see their fermenters, but upstairs are horizontal stainless steel serving tanks. There is also a banquet room upstairs with its own small mini bar. Downstairs on the right is their two sided wooden bar which has a few chairs on each side. In the center is a server's area and shelves of liquor and glassware. The bar has stainless steel tap towers and just a few plain tap handles. They have just 4 house beers on tap in core styles. These are drinkable and quite tasty, worthy of a round of pints. In back of the pub is more table seating, and several high top tables have their own pay-per-pour taps right at the table. The place is confident in its small, steady menu which is permanently printed on wooden boards. They specialize in BBQ chicken, claiming to be the best in town! The also have pub appetizers, tacos, charcuterie, and salad. Pop background music is playing and the place has a fun, social atmosphere. The staff is welcoming and proficient. It is a decent place.
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Burgwal 45-49, Делфт, Южная Голландия, Нидерланды
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