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World recipes inspired by a tradition…
Boteco is a world fusion of shareable plates, brunch & tasting menus – no borders or boundaries, just superior flavors made from seasonal and fresh ingredients paired with the finest libations in a casual space at affordable prices.
The name ‘Boteco or Botequim’ and its concept, derives from a Brazilian, local no-frills meeting place for friends and family where great food, drinks and quality conversations are dished out plentifully.
Food served at a traditional ‘Boteco’ is known throughout Brazil as ‘Petiscos.’ The direct translation, ‘small bites,’ is a cross-cultural concept, in the form of Tapas in Spain, Zakuski in Russia, Cicchetti in Italy and Meze in parts of the Mediterranean.
But, what exactly are these delicacies? What constitutes a Petisco, or a Tapa? Is it the size of the portion, the way it is served or the fact that it is meant to be shared and enjoyed with others? In reality—who cares?
Boteco-style food shouldn’t be categorized or overly complex in nature. Botecos are simply about delectable food, great drinks and an excuse for us to gather, connect with one another and have a good time, fusing that with the journeys and flavors we’ve discovered throughout the world and the talents of our Chefs.
We hope you are capturing some of this experience.
Saúde! Cheers! Santé! Cin Cin! - Marcus & Alessandra Fortunato (Owners)

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Amazing food and atmosphere
This is a real hidden gem. I don't know why it took us so long to go here. We had 5 dishes and they were all home runs. The brussel sprouts were the best I've ever eaten. Can't wait to go back!
Greatest restaurant in Henderson. Love the sharing small plates and creative cocktails. Menu Is beyond compare to any other local restaurant. Cozy atmosphere too
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