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Фотография Gran Café Central
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После прогулки у American Legation вы можете заглянуть в это кафе неподалёку. Удобное расположение Cafe Central позволяет легко добраться до него на любом виде транспорта. В этом месте стоит заказать вкусно приготовленное рагу из листьев габи. Многие гости рекомендуют заказать хорошие блинчики. Закажите неплохой кофе, мятный чай или соки.

По мнению клиентов, персонал здесь приятный. В этом заведении потрясающий сервис. По отзывам посетителей, здесь отличная атмосфера. Пользователи присвоили этому кафе рейтинг 4 на Google.

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Кафе в центре Танжера, одно из любимых мест туристов и самих жителей города .Вкусно, уютно, хорошее обслуживание.Здесь вы почувствуете атмосферу Танжера, будете любоваться живописными улочкам и колоритными жителями Танжера. Рекомендую! Даже просто выпить стакан ароматного чая!
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Food: 4 Service: 4 Atmosphere: 2
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The current Gran Café Central is nothing like the original Café Central (founded in 1813). For several decades, beginning in the 1940s up until Moroccanization was mandated in 1973, [Gran] Café Central was mainly a bar and café where you could enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, tea or coffee and sit outside at Parisian-style round tables and chairs.Before the location was sold to the current owner, who renovated the old café in the mid-1980s, it had deteriorated into a somewhat run-down dark café with mostly older Moroccan men smoking kif pipes inside while having a mint tea or coffee.Now greatly modernized, Gran Café Central has a long outdoor canopy providing shade and a pleasant outside seating area with comfortable cushioned chairs and several tables with large beige and maroon umbrellas.The Gran Café Central serves food: breakfast, lunch and dinner including omelettes, tajines, fish, salads, hamburgers, deserts, fresh-squeezed orange juice, smoothies and other items in its extensive and affordable menu. I enjoy a coffee, and often order a cheese omelette with a small salad garnish, olives and warm bread.The café-restaurant provides a view of the Petit Socco (also called Place Souk Dakhel), and it is ideal for a rendezvous with friends, people-watching or simply relaxing.While sitting at Gran Café Central, you might encounter or observe tourists from all over the world, day-trippers from Spain who often sit here during their visits to Tangier, and expatriate residents. At various times I have met tourists from places such as Moldova, Bulgaria, Armenia and Uruguay.Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020, the popular FRS Ferry had about six daily boats every day from Tarifa, Spain, getting you to Port de Tanger Ville in less than one hour. From the port it was possible to walk to the Medina (or catch a taxi at the port) and enjoy a tea, coffee or some food at Gran Café Central or elsewhere, do some shopping for souvenirs and exploring the city, before returning to Spain on the ferry.After over two years without ferry boat service and the border with Spain closed to marine passenger traffic, the FRS Ferry boats finally resumed service to and from Tarifa, Spain and Tangier, Morocco on April 13, 2022.Gran Café Central is cleaner and more upscale than the other nearby haunts such as Café Tingis, Fuentes and Café Al Manara. You can sit outside at tables under the awning or square umbrellas, or sit inside. Most of the chairs are cushioned and comfortable.Gran Café Central has a delicious full breakfast, or you may order a tajine, smoothie, freshly-squeezed orange juice or other fruit juice, coffee, cappuccino, black tea, mint tea or herbal tea, among other items on the menu that include ice creams, cakes, Oreo cookies and even pretzels from Austria.If you are looking for yet another bit of authentic Tangier café history and experience, I would head to the Gran Café de Paris at the Place de France, or to the outdoor multi-terraced Café Hafa on the Marshan, which has direct ocean views, with Spain in the distance across the narrow Strait of Gibraltar.Gran Café Central is a convenient place to eat or meet friends before or after visiting the Tangier American Legation Museum (TALIM). This historic property―a gift from Sultan Moulay Suliman to the United States of America in 1821―is the oldest American diplomatic property in the world, and the only property on foreign soil which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.After further renovations, Gran Café Central reopened in July 2021, and there are now more comfortable and colorful outdoor chairs.No credit cards are accepted, but the attractive place has strong Wi-Fi and clean and modern toilets inside, two very large flat-screen televisions with high-quality speakers, and there are two aquariums, one at each end, with incredibly large fishes.Gran Café Central is open during the daytime hours in the month of Ramadan, so tourists and non-Moslems may eat or drink something because most other cafés in Tangier are closed.
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Танжер, Танжер-Тетуан, Марокко
Q5PQ+6P8, Petit Socco, Танжер, Танжер-Тетуан, Марокко
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