Аргентинская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя ARS 260 - 520
Calle Arturo M Bas 69, Кордова
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Фотография El Papagayo
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Фотография El Papagayo
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Обязательно загляните в этот ресторан, если окажетесь неподалёку от Palacio 6 de Julio Municipalidad de Cordoba. Здесь можно заказать блюда аргентинской кухни. Закажите здесь вкусные анчоусы, асорду и косидо. Многие гости приходят сюда, чтобы попробовать неплохое джелато, мармелад и пудинг.

В El Papagayo обширный выбор вин. В комментариях пишут, что в этом месте хороший белый кофе. С точки зрения посетителей, персонал здесь обходительный. В этом заведении восхитительный сервис. Многие считают, что цены здесь низкие. Вы обязательно оцените приятную атмосферу и превосходный интерьер. Рейтинг этого ресторана 4.5 на Trip.

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If you would have only one meal in Argentina, this has to be it. Comfortably at the top of Argentina's best restaurants, above Roux and Darío Gualtieri, and universes superior to Aramburu in Buenos Aires. The space is simply amazing, the service impeccable, the 11-steps tasting menu one delight after another. The music is unobtrusive and well selected, the whole staff is impeccably professional, welcoming and warm, no unnecessary stiffness here. The food is just heavenly delight, the ingredients superbly balanced and with a couple of daring but extremely successful marriages of ingredients. The portions are perfect, the ware is of an adorable design and perfectly accompanies the contents. The quality-price ratio is highly favorable. Chef Javier Rodriguez is doing a superb job, and the praise is universal, and well-deservedly so. He has another venue, Standard 69, a casual spot with comfortable choices that we also visited for a relaxed, simpler but equally tasty lunch. Frankly, I can keep going with the praise, but 'nough said, a great chef and a great staff that will make your night a memorable one. Don't miss it!
I have been fortunate to travel a lot, hands down this is this best food experience that I have ever had. Just a heads up, this is reservation only. From the moment you enter into the restaurant, you feel that you are apart of a special experience (especially when you start with a complementary cocktail). You have a choice between the seven and ten course meal---I choose the 7. I was stuffed by the 3rd. In addition to the food being innovative, the ambiance was spectacular. Did I mention they have an awesome sommelier? Bottom line: this is an absolute gem.
An outstanding dining experience in every respect: superbly prepared and presented cuisine, professional, passionate wait staff, and a modern, yet cozy atmosphere occupying a 12 ft wide, deep slice between two larger buildings.   El Papagayo serves a multi-course feast I've enjoyed twice now on separate business trips to Córdoba, each time with a unique array small plates surrounding a generous main attraction. The combination of complementary yet slightly opposing flavors in each dish is nothing short of fine, gastronomic art. Take it in slowly and savor the world-class faire.
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Calle Arturo M Bas 69, Кордова, Аргентина, X5000KLA
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