Мексиканская, Фастфуд, Подходит для вегетарианцев
ЗакрытОткроется в 11:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $11-30
2496 Merrick Rd, Бельмор
Фотография Fat Boy's Burrito Co
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Фотография Fat Boy's Burrito Co
+ 17 фотографий Фотография Fat Boy's Burrito Co
+ 16 фотографий Фотография Fat Boy's Burrito Co
Фотография Fat Boy's Burrito Co
+ 14 фотографий Фотография Fat Boy's Burrito Co
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«The biggest burritos you've ever seen»

Well, all that I want to say is that I absolutely love this place - Fat Boy’s Burrito Co. I was a bit skeptical about tacos but this spot changed my mind.

The fastfood restaurant is crowded all the time but I can’t say that it disappointed me much. I could enjoy a cozy atmosphere, smiling and attentive customer service, and tasty food, of course. The portions of the dishes are generous and not overpriced. Delicious burritos, steaks, and tacos are phenomenal.

Actually, fat guys shouldn’t call themselves fat because FAT is a burrito that you have on your plate. That’s what really gets your attention.

Amazing service and food, pretty decor and people around - all that you need this evening. Highly recommend!

Знак качества Restaurant Guru 18 октября, 2019

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Delicious burritos. They put things into the burrito that you would never think of putting. A great place to go if you are super hungry.
The burritos are amazing. Very crowded but everything was moving very quickly and efficiently. Staff was very friendly.
Had our date night here today! Honestly, this place beats Chipotle and Moes by a long shot! Lauren and I enjoyed the food so much especially her because they had so many vegetarian options as well as other options to choose from. The food was FULL of flavor and it was super fresh. Support my friend’s business and let them know you heard it from us!
Fat Boy's Burrito Co
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2496 Merrick Rd, Бельмор, Нью-Йорк, США
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