House of Hops

/ Паб и бар, Фастфуд
ЗакрытОткроется в 11:00
$$$$ Средняя цена: $10-25
Фотография House of Hops
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Фотография House of Hops
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Фотография House of Hops
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Здесь можно попробовать неплохое крафтовое пиво, бочковое пиво или сидр. Здесь можно вкусно поужинать на открытом воздухе. Гости утверждают, что персонал в этом баре креативный. Клиентам нравится восхитительный сервис. House of Hops предлагает блюда по привлекательным ценам. Посетители считают, что здесь отличная атмосфера. Посетители оценивают это место на Yelp на 5.

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Excellent beer selection and a fun and laid back atmosphere!
This is your friendly neighborhood bottle shop. It doesn't matter if it's your first visit or if you are a regular, you are welcomed by a friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as a welcoming crowd. The beer selection on draft or in ready to drink bottle and cans is second to none in Raleigh. With multiple events through the week, from Bible study to cornhole as well as various food trucks there are multiple reasons to come by and visit. They are pet friendly and have a nice patio out back.
This is a review for trivia night at House of Hops. The beer is fine, and its got a nice outdoor area to sit in, as well as ping pong, but I don't know why they bother to advertise a trivia night when they make it so difficult to participate. Twice now we have reached at least 45 minutes in advance and found that space right by the bar is full. This would be fine if the place invested in a functioning mike, or if the person reading the questions didn't insist on intonation like a bingo announcer. To make matters worse the last time we were there the person at the mike was resistant to speak slower when asked, and got really crabby when requested to turn up the volume. I'm sure they sell enough beer for it not to matter, but me and my six friends will probably never go back, because of how off-putting the attitude was when we told then it was impossible to hear. They didn't seem to be too keen on making it possible to sit closer to the mike, and that in turn has made us much less keen to buy beer at this establishment. Doesn't matter how good the questions are if we can't hear them, and doesn't matter how good the beer is if the attitude is that uncooperative.
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