Итальянская, Пицца, Кулинария, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Открыт сейчас 10:30 - 22:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $11-30
21950 Cascades Pkwy #155, Стерлинг
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Фотография La Porchetta
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Фотография La Porchetta
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Здесь вас ждет итальянская кухня. Закажите хорошую пепперони, кальцоне и поркетту. Доставка еды на дом - несомненный плюс этой пиццерии. Посетители утверждают, что сотрудники в La Porchetta энергичные. Это место предлагает блюда по умеренным ценам. В этом заведении гостям нравится спокойная атмосфера. На данный момент посетители оценивают эту пиццерию на Yelp в 4.5.

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The owner and workers are always nice. The food is great as well. Highly recommend to go here.
Great food! They never mess up our order!
Had a great dinner here tonight with the kids (ages 7 & 9), while mommy was busy. We ordered the XL (16") regular cheese. I had asked for the pizza to be baked a little longer. The Pie came out looking great, and tasted great!.. the kids and I loved it ("tastes better than other places," said my daughter). our family ordered/picked up pizza  from here several months ago and had enjoy it. Was hoping for the same experience, though with done-in this time. Like NY style, the bottom crust was thin (not too thin) with slight crunch. The outer ring portion of the "crust" had a nice airy yet slight chewy texture when pulled apart. The ratio and amounts of cheese and sauce was just right (not too much of either). I was glad that the  cheese and sauce was spread out enough to minimize  too bare of an outer ring. Left about an inch depth around. The cheese was not so  greasy as other places... and had a nice stringiness when pulling away slices or a bite, even after having cooled a few minutes. Sauce had a slight tang and sweetness.. just the right light balance.  Slices were consistently cut. I'm also glad there was no cornmeal at the bottom.... Just awesome pizza. We highly recommend it. And, the folks there were super friendly and welcoming. This is now our go-to place! Extra... Here's where I may be a little weird, but rightfully, I think (?). Too many times in the past, pizza places have stiffed me on a pie size smaller than ordered and paid for (eg 12", 14", 16").  No biggie of a pie that ends up being up to an about an inch smaller in size after baking. Some have been Waaay off (1.5-2.5" smaller). If pizza is your business, your thing; then, you should be consistent about it. As part joke and fun now, my kids have asked me to bring along a tape measure and measure the pizza size.. seriously! Lol. To my pleasant surprise,... La Porchetta's XL pie size came out as advertised, 16" across several measurements! So there!... Pizza is their business,... and now they have mine! To La Porchetta: thanks for a great meal tonight for my family! Keep up the delicious product and keep up the quality control (Consistency of a great product)
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21950 Cascades Pkwy #155, Стерлинг, Вирджиния, США
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