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Французская, Европейская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Открыт сейчас 07:00 - 18:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя до A$16
47 Argyle St, Рокс
Фотография La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
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Фотография La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
+ 17 фотографий Фотография La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
+ 16 фотографий Фотография La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
Фотография La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
+ 14 фотографий Фотография La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
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Обязательно загляните в это кафе, если окажетесь неподалёку от Рокса. В La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie стоит попробовать блюда французской кухни. Возьмите в этом месте изумительный quiche lorraine, мясные пирожки и бутерброд на багете. Здесь вам точно стоит заказать неплохие миндальные круассаны, печенье макарон и шоколадный торт. Клиенты утверждают, что в этом заведении хороший мичелада, вино или абсент. Из напитков здесь стоит попробовать замечательный французский кофе, чай или миндальный кофе.

Насладитесь вкусным обедом на террасе. Множество посетителей указывают на то, что персонал в этом кафе знающий свое дело. Посетители считают, что здесь великолепный сервис. По отзывам гостей, в La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie привлекательные цены. Большинство посетителей отмечают, что здесь восхитительный интерьер и впечатляющая атмосфера. Гости оценили это место на 4.8 на Zomato.

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This is a gem of a place in the middle of a typical expensive Rocks / Circular Quay area.  The meat pies and coffee and tea drinks we had were all excellent and easy on the wallet.  The chicken pie was the best, but the beef and Shepard's were excellent.  We did takeaway and walked 2 blocks down to snack on while watching the ferries and the Opera house in the background.
TL:DR - Delicious french inspired pastries located in a beautiful vintage looking venue. Plenty of seating in the back and the line moves fast, so get in line and enjoy. Came across this place while yelping some coffee after just getting into Sydney. This place is a beautiful vintage looking french bakery. Everytime we passed by there was a line out the door, but don't give up, because the door is right inside the counter and the line moves fast. In addition, don't worry if there aren't any seats out front, they have a whole back courtyard that's almost like a different world than the busy rocks area. I myself don't like coffee, so I'll only comment on the pastry we got, which was a Nutella twist. It was delicious worth a great crossiant like consistency and just the right hint of Nutella. Beyond a great pastry and beautiful interior, the service was super nice. The woman behind the counter was super helpful since we had never ordered coffee in Australia at that time and didn't know the sides and terms got the different types of drinks. Either way, loved this place. Would recommend.
Conveniently located in the Rocks, a short walk from Circular Quay, La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie is a great place to stop in and get some quick treats. They also have a dine in area but we only visited the front counter where they do take out orders. The pastries all look delicious. They have a multitude of cakes, breads, and other treats. We tried several over a few trips and everything was good. The only real negative is that on 2 of our trips, the registers were down due to a power outage impacting the front counter and coffee machines. This meant no coffee and you could only pay with cash. Fortunately we had cash with us and weren't looking for any coffee so it didn't negatively impact us but it seems to be a pretty frequent occurrence. 4 stars.
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47 Argyle St, Рокс, Новый Южный Уэльс, Австралия
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