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Stórhöfði 17, Рейкьявик
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Рейкьявик, Хёвюдборгарсвайдид, Исландия

В этом ресторане стоит попробовать блюда китайской кухни. Множество клиентов пишут, что персонал в Nings терпеливый, но многие гости этого места не очень высоко оценили его на Google.

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I was very disappointed. It was dry and lacked the Asian taste.
My cousins hyped this place up for me and it didn't go so well...I was with my cousins, hungry as ever, when they told me there was this great place for healthy Asian-style food (which I love) just around the corner, so we decide to go in and order some take out to bring home.The place:I have to admit that the restaurant itself has a great view and a smell that only made me hungrier. It still had this kind of take-away/fast food kind of vibe to it though, so if they were going for an Asian kind of atmosphere, they didn't quite pull it off.When we got in it wasn't especially crowded but then again most people ordered take away and had left after 10 min.I take a quick look at the menu, and as I always try to go for healthy stuff I ask for the "Grilled chicken fillet with vegetables, chili, garlic, ginger andyakitori sauce" but without the sauce. This would cost me 2150kr (or 20$ as of May 2018), so it's on the expensive side (at least for fast food), but it's Iceland and everything is more expensive here so I go ahead and pay. We get our food (quite fast) and head home.The food:So everyone sits around and what a surprise when I open my bowl. As you can appreciate in the pictures, the portions are not the biggest. I immediately felt ripped off, I had just paid 20$ for the smallest and thinnest pieces of chicken I've ever seen in a restaurant. The presentation itself is also sub-par, the color of the chicken is as if it had been boiled and the two pieces just lay there abandoned in a bed of vegetables.I decide to take a (very skeptical) first bite of the chicken to find out that it tasted like absolutely nothing. I guess it's my fault for asking it without any sauce but I was at least expecting some spices, especially being an Asian restaurant. So I decide to spice it up a bit myself with some salt, pepper and chili flakes, which helped a bit with the flavor, but nothing could be done about the dryness of that meat. As for the veggies, they were quite alright, with good flavor and a bit of spiciness that I always love in my food. The problem was that they were drenched in sauce, which I specified I didn't want.Overall:I have to say I was personally disappointed. It might have been that I had high expectations or maybe I should have asked for the sauce on the chicken, who knows. The dishes that my cousins got looked way better, so that's why I'm giving two stars instead of one. This is all based in one plate, so it's a bit unfair but If (emphasis on that if) I ever go back I will get something else and re-think the review.
Incrrreeedible view to go with the great food!
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Stórhöfði 17, Рейкьявик, Хёвюдборгарсвайдид, Исландия
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