Фотография Ocean Street Bakehouse
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Фотография Ocean Street Bakehouse
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Фотография Ocean Street Bakehouse
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После прогулки у Penguin Centre вы можете заглянуть в это кафе неподалёку. Здесь вас ждет австралийская кухня. Хорошо проведите здесь вечер и попробуйте неплохой пирог с мясом, сосиски в тесте и колбаски. В Ocean Street Bakehouse стоит заказать хорошие пончики и аппетитный яблочный пирог. Здесь можно заказать неплохой абсент. По словам клиентов, кофе в этом месте хороший.

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user_Dylan Sevrak
Great little coastal bakery, solid options for not only meat eaters but vegan/vegetarians also. Decently priced products with average customer service, will consider visiting again
user_Richard P
I was astounded that this bakery was closed on the Queens B/day public holiday. Victor was packed with tourists. I was among several tourists who were disappointed to find it closed, as it generally does have nice products. Shoe shops were open. Sports shops were open. Guitar shops were open but evidently the bakery owners don’t need the influx of cash they would have got had they been open. Perhaps they should consider selling to some fresher, keener owners who care about tourism?
user_Hayley S
What to say? Awful experience all-round, especially for the children.There were 5 staff standing behind the counter visible to all. 4 people in the store waiting for orders to be filled and 4 of us entered, followed by our 6 year old who momentarily escaped Nana outside.Ocean Street Bakehouse failed to meet delivery of basic customer service and yelled at us when their store briefly exceeded it's current capacity of 8.How about you have a system in place to encourage patrons to order and then stand outside, as many other businesses do? Open a window and take orders from two locations? Find new ways of working in this climate that doesn't include yelling at customers in front of children and other patrons. In the very least, politely remind your patrons of your current restriction numbers and i think you will find the vast majority are not only responsive but happy for the reminder.Victor Harbor may have enough residents now to self support it's businesses, but a town that was built on the back of the tourist dollar should not forget it's manners.
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год назад
We Apologies for this and it is a concern we will address.
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Австралийская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Закрыто сегодняОткроется в 07:30 Пн
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Виктор-Харбор, Южная Австралия, Австралия
3/1 Ocean St, Виктор-Харбор, Южная Австралия, Австралия
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