Пицца, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Открыт сейчас 11:30 - 00:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя A$4-25
Shop 1/2, 450 Elizabeth St, Сидней
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Фотография Pizza Hut
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Фотография Pizza Hut
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Проложить маршрут Shop 1/2, 450 Elizabeth St
Сидней, Новый Южный Уэльс, Австралия

Множество гостей говорят, что в этом ресторане подают вкусно приготовленную пиццу. Доставка еды на дом - неоспоримое достоинство Pizza Hut, но посетители невысоко оценили это место на Google.

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I do not recommend pizza hut in general as I have had 2 epic issues with 2 previous deliveries.1. I had an order that was delivered with only 7 pieces. Yes ... you read correctly. Either a piece was dropped or eaten on the way. The driver tried to cover it also by trying to make the pizza smaller by pushing it in. Worst thing ever from any delivery in my opinion. I was compensated upon investigation 2. I moved house to a different zone so a different franchise delivered me a prawn pizza with frozen prawns on it. It was clear they had put on after but they were half frozen still on delivery. To make things worse the manager argued with me about it and I got no compensation!I will never order delivery again from pizza hut if I ever order from them again at all.
Cheap and cheetful with some very friendly franchise owners.
I walked in and said hi to the staff member and she said hi back. She then ignored me at the counter, then another staff member ignored me. I waited at the counter for about ten minutes, until they were ready to take orders. They didn't say anything about waiting or "we'll be with you in a minute". Pretty poor service
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Shop 1/2, 450 Elizabeth St, Сидней, Новый Южный Уэльс, Австралия
Возможна оплата картами Нет веранды Нет услуги бронирования столиков Доставка еды
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ПонедельникПн 11:30-22:00
ВторникВт 11:30-22:00
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ЧетвергЧт 11:30-23:00
ПятницаПт 11:30-00:00
СубботаСб 11:30-00:00
ВоскресеньеВс 11:30-22:00