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Фотография Sommerau
Фотография Sommerau
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Откройте для себя блюда швейцарской кухни в этом ресторане. Многие посетители приходят сюда, чтобы попробовать хороший кордон блю и вкусно приготовленные стейки. Обязательно попробуйте неплохой биттер.

По мнению гостей, персонал здесь гостеприимный. Клиентам нравится профессиональный сервис. Оценка Sommerau 4.5 на Google.

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user_Fionna Sze
We picked out this restaurant as our lunch stop on our way to St Moritz and this place is a fantastic choice!!!That saffron essence from the “Saffron foam soup with roasted salmon cubes” (no photo) was delicate and divine.The combination in “Cicorino rosso with port wine pears, fresh dates, hazelnuts with honey balsamic, Tête de Moine and pear bread slice” was succulent.The pepper cream sauce in the “Rump steak with Whisky-pepper cream sauce, French fries and vegetable” was delicious. I asked to substitute the fries with croquettes.
user_Max T.
Ok let's be honest - this place is pricy!! Don't expect anything below 60SF per person for a meal - but what a meal!! I am especially fond of the sweet chestnuts . And this place is another tribute to my saying, if you want (very) good vegetarian or vegan cuisine, go where they serve excellent meat. Yes I found really good steak-houses or game oriented restaurants (like Sommerau) serve excellent vegetarian an vegan dishes. But, at a price!!!!
user_Maouineysk nasokueye
We stayed only one night as we had an appointment the next day. The lady at the reception was extremely nice and did everything to make us feel comfortable. We had dinner in the restaurant which was very good although it was quite late in the evening. Parking was no problem at all.
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Швейцарская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Открыт сейчас 06:30 - 22:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя CHF 19 - CHF 30
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Проложить маршрут Emserstrasse 4
Кур, Граубюнден, Швейцария
Emserstrasse 4, Кур, Граубюнден, Швейцария
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Режим работы
ПонедельникПн 06:30-22:00
ВторникВт 06:30-22:00
СредаСр 06:30-22:00
ЧетвергЧт 06:30-22:00
ПятницаПт 06:30-22:00
СубботаСб 06:30-22:00
ВоскресеньеВс 06:30-22:00

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