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Фотография White Orchids
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Этот ресторан славится блюдами тайской и вегетарианской кухонь. Многие гости cоветуют заказать здесь изумительную пьяную лапшу, зеленый карри и тайский тофу. Большинство посетителей указывают на то, что в White Orchids подают хорошее кокосовое мороженое, десерт из манго и липкий рис с манго. Попробуйте неплохой мартини, бочковое пиво или вино. Это заведение известно неплохим тайским чаем со льдом, чаем со льдом или кокосовым соком.

Множество клиентов пишут, что персонал в этом месте приятный. Вы увидите, что здесь восхитительный сервис. В этом заведении привлекательные цены. Большинство клиентов отмечают, что здесь великолепный интерьер и уютная атмосфера. Рейтинг этого ресторана на Zomato 4.7.

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Was just there for lunch. Super slow. No apologies. Disappointing.Update - the manager reached out to me to understand the issue. We had a private offline discussion. My wife and daughter went back (unannounced) for lunch today (12-29-2019) and had a great experience. Their lunch was prompt and delicious. Not only that, my wife had a very patient and forgiving waiter after she spilled her water twice. So for that...Well done White Orchid!
If you need a decent place to go to in the shopping center. This is the place. Bar Louie has the best happy hour special. White Orchard has the best food.
I haven't been to this place in about 2-3 yrs. Was craving Thai & remember this place being ok. Maybe it was because it was a Sunday night, but it was a pretty lame experience. When I made the reservation, I specifically requested a booth. Got there, a pleasant hostess seated us at a banquette table very close to the front door. I asked if we could please have a booth, as I had requested that. She said sure & we were moved to a booth right by the front door, even though the place was fairly empty & plenty of booths further back. Normally, I wouldn't care but it was pretty cold yesterday evening. Ok, whatever. Then our server comes over. Nice enough gal in a 'no personality' kind of way. I ask if they have still/flat water, which seems to confuse her. She eventually says no, but they have Pellegrino--which I didn't order. So, we order drinks...martinis. My pal said hers was good, but mine was pretty much lukewarm...not a great look for gin & vodka.  She brings said drinks, but still no water. I have to ask her about 5 min later, she again seems surprised. I had also asked to have a different type of gin than the brand listed on the menu for my drink. Denied, LOL. I requested Hendrick's, which has a distinct flavor, so I'm sure I didn't receive it. Again, whatever. We order, chicken satay to start, then pad thai & drunken noodles. The satay, while not bad, was just smothered in peanut sauce. As a general rule, it's served on the side for that dish and has been served that way at this place when I've ordered it in the past... My friend's (the pad thai) looks ok. Mine was 'MEH', at best. Barely any heat, sloppily presented. Overpriced for what we were given. Also, the place smelled like dirty mop water. I mean, serious wet dog action. Gross. In addition to the dirty foot-mop water stench, the place is looking a bit frayed. Even the candle holder on our table was greasy/dirty. If you're going to be 'upscale', you need to keep it fresh & tight. White Orchids is definitely in need of an update. Dirty upholstery on the seats, worn/badly scratched table tops. We had to wait for the server to bring the check, as she was doing her clean up/sidework. Now, I understand that, as I also work in the industry....but your table comes first. This girl wasn't rude, but she was NOT good at her job. I actually tipped a measly 15%, which is rare for me (again, I work in this biz). I accidentally left my credit card behind and rather than go back there, I called my bank and requested a 'lost card' replacement this morning. The White Orchids have withered on the vine.
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2985 Center Valley Pkwy #200
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